Oct. 24th, 2014

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...I don't think I mentioned that I have in fact joined the WisCon convention committee as a member of the media & communications team. In the long-term, I would like to take a more active hand in the public internet presence of the convention, but right now those things seem to still be in a bit of a transitional mode. I have been helping to craft and polish external communications a bit, where I can.

I volunteered my skills because communication is one of my strong points, but also because it's been one of the con's weak ones, in both directions: listening and speaking. The idea of a media & communications team is a fairly new one and its role is still being defined, but my personal take on it is that our role should include listening.

During the crises of trust that resulted over this summer from the handling of abuse claims, there was a persistent refrain from within the ConCom about the importance of maintaining a single channel of information in order to prevent confusion and rumormongering. As an outsider to the ConCom, I challenged this line of thinking several times by asking if anyone really thought that it was working. From my position on the ground, it seemed pretty clear that the attempts to maintain a wall of silence did nothing to alleviate confusion, and created the circumstances that led to the circulation of rumors.

In fact, I think we must give credit where credit is due. If not for the ConCom members who broke silence and "told tales outside of school", either publicly or in confidence, then a number of people who ultimately increased their involvement with the con might have otherwise left it for good.

I know that's true of myself.

This is why I can't turn around and co-sign a policy of squelching open discussion. The convention is run on a consensus model, though, so while I will be defending this idea vigorously, I cannot unilaterally implement it. Still, it is the viewpoint that I will represent.

This is a time of change for the con, and its leadership. A lot of things are still up in the air. A lot of things have yet to be determined. This much is true: the con belongs to its members, but the big decisions will be made by those who do the work to make them happen. We have an opportunity here, and a responsibility to use it wisely.
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The Daily Report

So, the poem I have been talking about? I don't want to jinx anything by being overly specific before it's actually on the publication docket, but for now, let it simply suffice to say that it has been accepted by a paying market.

That's really the only topic on my mind this morning, so I don't have much else to say in this report. I did succeed in keeping up my random productive writing streak yesterday. It's another piece of flash fiction and not something that's likely to sell, at least not by itself, but if nothing else, it's another Halloween monster tale I can slip into the newsletter next Friday.

The State of the Me

General soreness continues. I was also up late last night as the excitement over my poem, so we'll see what happens.

Plans For Today

Today's going to be entirely MU-focused. I've been bouncing ideas around for fulfilling the bonus story, since that mark was hit almost as soon as it went up. That's going to be my "random side writing" project for the day.


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