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Today's News

Main item: the D&D thing. Some of the players have told me that they're not going to be available, other people have spotty availability to begin with, and basically things are otherwise going so well right now that I don't the responsibility or stress. So, sorry, but I'm calling time of death on this one. I'll run more D&D when I can figure out how to do it in a way that's actually fun for me.

Personal Assessment

Feeling pretty good. I've already fielded a couple of complaints from my knees about how not to sit, but they're definitely doing better.

Yesterday I caught myself chugging a Pepsi, which is usually a sign that I'm not drinking enough water. I put it down and got a glass of water, but I need to remember to drink more today.

Dreams From Last Night

None that I can recall. Get with the program, subconscious. You're embarrassing me.

Random Link For The Day

After 5,251,143,942,866 days of pious observation, the angel who watches over small furry things reports that cats remain outstanding:

Plans For Today

Write a chapter. This'll be the chapter for Friday. If I finish it and have another decent day tomorrow, I'll be starting next week ahead of the game.

And if I don't? I'll still be able to get a chapter up tomorrow and I'll be starting next week neither ahead nor behind.

Re: D&D

Dec. 30th, 2010 09:02 am
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I'm not actually "up" yet today... I'm only awake at this moment because there were some birds messing around on the roof directly over where I sleep. But I've got something on my mind that I want to put up now so that it doesn't catch people by surprise.

I'm not enjoying the D&D campaign any more. The first adventure went fairly well and I had a great time running it. The second one kind of went off in unexpected directions in the first session and since then there has been drama between a couple of different groups of players, involving people I care about a lot... not the people whose real life identities I can barely keep separate. This is the kind of thing that eats my brain, and every time I turn my attention to the subject of the campaign I end up trying to figure out how to minimize or avoid it or resolve it without hurt feelings or kicking people out of the game that I'd really like to keep playing with, under better circumstances.

And this is especially bad since, as I mentioned, the second adventure jumped the rails in a couple of big ways in the first session. That's not usually a problem as I'm pretty good about improvising, but when I have to be making up stuff and my mind's worrying itself around in circles, it just doesn't work.

I had been determined to get through the end of the second adventure and try a fresh start with the third one, but my first thought when I was woken up by bird noise and a freaked out cat on my feet was "Oh dear God, tonight is D&D night". That's not the first time I've had that thought, but this week... my actual paying work that pays my bills has been going so well. Yesterday was a bad brain day. Today should be a productive one. It won't be if I keep this looming over me.

So no game tonight. The campaign isn't canceled... I feel like it's past the point of salvaging for me at this point, but I often have the experience that when I am sure something is past the point of salvation and I determine to put it aside, I'm filled with renewed inspiration. Let's say it's "on the bubble", as they say of network shows. If after a week or two... meh, let's be firm and say two weeks. Two week hiatus and if I still feel this way in two weeks... well, then it's safe to say it's not coming back. But if things come around to the point that I feel like I can continue, then by that point my new writing regimen should be well-established and I should be able to "write around" any problems.

Comments are off because I seriously don't feel like talking about it. Please respect that.
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I hate to leave it to so late, but I'm in no shape to DM tonight... today is just an absolute no-brain day for me. I will *probably* be doing something with my family this time next week, so it'll be the 30th when we reconvene. Hopefully the break will give people a chance to get their computer and scheduling issues fixed.

Game on!

Nov. 11th, 2010 11:06 am
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Just in case anybody in the group is wondering, yes, D&D is on for tonight. I went to bed at midnight last night and slept more or less soundly until close to 9 this morning, so we shouldn't have a repeat of last week's "technical difficulties".
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I'll work on getting the transcripts up in a bit. In the meantime, here's a character interaction thread for anyone who wants to continue the action from last night.
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...okay, so I've had another instance of calendar fail. This Thursday I have tickets for a satellite simulcast of A Prairie Home Companion. Which means the next D&D game is going to be on the 28th. I'm going to take the extra prep time to try to make things a little extra awesome, so I'd appreciate it if everybody in the group could please confirm their availability for it in this thread. I'll also get transcripts for the past few sessions posted, so the people who were missing can see what they've missed.
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Today is sunny and calm and the forecast for tonight is more of the same, so there shouldn't be any interference with tonight's D&D session. Last week was seriously freaky weather... it was clouded over, but the sky wasn't very dark, and yet the rain was pretty torrential. It was light enough out and the wind was blowing hard enough that I could look outside and watch the sheets of falling water moving horizontally faster than they were falling vertically. I'd just got done lashing my parents' pontoon boat back to the dock for the second time, after the last wind storm had snapped one of its lines. I feel pretty lucky at having grabbed some newer rope that was a lot longer. Because I didn't exactly bring home a lot of merit badges for knot-tying, I'd ended up looping the excess rope around several different points, which I think helped keep it in place. The next day my mother (who is in Florida while I'm watching her house) emailed me to ask how the weather was because she'd heard on the news that the midwest was being lashed with storms spawned by the remnants of a hurricane.

Aaaanyway, game's on for tonight... players, please make sure you upload your level 2 character over the old one on iplay4e. We're going to act like the level up occurred during the downtime before you started exploring the city, so your HP, etc. are all full.
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...that yes, the D&D game is on for tonight. Sorry I never made a roleplaying post, but I wouldn't have been able to respond to it very often.
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I hate to do this especially two weeks in a row, but I'm not going to be able to do the game tomorrow night. My schedule for the end of the week has changed due to external events. I'm not inclined to fight to rearrange them because I'd be massively underprepared... the same things that kept me from getting much writing done also kept me from getting any prep work done on the game, and with how widely things diverged from the ways I expected they might go that's not good.

I've got work I've need to get done, but tomorrow during the day I'll be making a roleplay thread for the game so we can get some story continuation and at least some of the planning out of the way. If I can see how things are generally going I'll be able to plan better.

I'm going to be spending the next three weeks house/dog sitting for my folks, which means not only will I be staying put but I'll be staying put in glorious isolation. Nothing and no one around to affect game night, my sleep schedule, or work regimens. I'm looking forward to it.
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Nerdery. )

Open roleplay thread will be coming soon, but I have to figure out exactly how I want to address some of the... issues... that arose in the session.
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The Situation:

The group, having returned to the inn with the last reality shard, is now left to its own devices for the time being. You can seek out and question the tavern staff, explore the inn, describe what you're doing in your room, or socialize with each other.


No skill rolls are necessary explore the inn. If it becomes relevant I'll use passive Perception scores.

If you're looking for something in particular in the inn's interior, please wait for a response before going all out in describing what you do when you get there. A little player collaboration is not a bad thing, but I dislike having to overrule/retcon whole paragraphs that rely on elements that aren't actually there for a reason.

Feel free to add useful furnishings to your inn rooms. (Useful furnishings like a chest of drawers or a vanity table, not useful furnishings like a magic item or platinum coin dispenser.) The idea is that they were prepared for your character's use.
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Experience Totals For Episode 1:
Combat: 975 XP
Curing Jared's Petrification (Major Quest): 900 XP
Retrieving Four Reality Shards (Minor Quests): 400 XP
Sealing The Rift (Minor Quest): 100 XP
Cunning Plan Bonus: 100 XP (Harlan)
Paragon One-Liners: 25 XP (Optima)
Special Award For Being Set On Fire, Knocked Prone, And Still Having More Than Full HP: 25 XP (Spectre)
Taking One For The Team Bonus: 25 XP (Dunbar)
DM's Little Puppet Helper: 50 XP (Gallifreya, Carrog)
Roleplaying Bonuses (100 XP per session per player): 3400 XP

Total XP = 6000 / 9 = 666 Experience Points

The Contents Of The Strongbox:

The box contains 90 GP worth of coins, as well as ostentatious and mystical-looking jewelry and props and patterned fabrics that could be converted to 360 GP with an afternoon's work and a suitable urban center, and a few items that seem to have actual mystical significance.

If somebody trained in arcana examines the lot, they are able to identify the following: a healer's brooch, a gloaming shroud, an amulet of health, bracers of the perfect shot, a belt of vigor, giantkind gloves, and bracers of mighty striking. They all carry a slight whiff of extraplanar energy, as if they were pulled from different worlds.

Gallifreya is able to decipher two alchemical formulae from among Impostro's stash: blinding bomb and alchemical fire. He also had 120 GP worth of alchemical reagents, and a couple of formulae that her current recollection of her skills are not up to deciphering.

The potions are two potions of healing and two gravespawn potions, though their labels say "For Hmn Pncshn Act" and "For Snkhndlng Act", respectively.

Toben's participation in the rift-sealing has given him a slightly greater mastery of his innate powers, enabling him to begin to tap the powers of the staff he carries... it now acts as a +1 staff. (Yes, I know he wasn't even there, but the whole team benefits if the striker is able to strike.) You can decide how to apportion the other items among yourselves... I suggest commenting if you'd like to claim something, and if there's a disagreement you can work it out with whoever else wants the item in question. Or you could comment if you think an item would suit a particular character.
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Note: These events precede the two interludes posted before this.

Cut. )
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In This Scene: Harlan, Janus, Dunbar, Spectre, Lady Scarlet, and Carrog.

The Situation: Harlan, having cleverly forced the dimensional marauder to cough up the cockatrice with an improvised herbal preparation and an assist from Lady Scarlet, is determined to make the poultice for young Jared in accordance with Janus's instructions. Needing a stable environment and access to heat, water, and alcohol... and some place far away from Magistrate Wallace until they're able to produce the actual cure... the group has decided to return to the inn where they first met each other.

What Happens:

The front door has been repaired, more or less... it's on its hinges but hanging open, with a crude rope fixture replacing the now-busted latch. The inn appears a bit busier than it was when you first arrived: there is more than one horse tied up outside, along with a few carts... from the sounds of loud conversation, drinking, and merrymaking coming through the door, it sounds like the Festival of Renewal has spilled over inside the inn. As you step inside the inn, you feel an odd sense of vibration. Those of you who are carrying the green crystals go several steps inside before you realize the crystals are gone... it's not like they've vanished out of your hands... you're simply not carrying them. Though you remember holding them, it feels as though you never were... you also remember walking in empty-handed.

The same man is behind the bar. He and the barmaid have been joined by a pair of half-elven youths, obviously siblings, and the four of them seem to be seeing to the custom of the crowd quite handily. The ground floor of the high-ceilinged taproom is still not quite fully occupied.

What now?

Harlan will need to make a Heal check to prepare the poultice. Depending on how well that goes, he may require the assistance of others with skills in Heal and Nature, or other skills if people get creative. It's not an instantaneous process, though, so either way there is some time to be killed. You can converse with each other, talk to the tavern staff, talk to the bar patrons (I realize I haven't described anyone in detail, so you can be general: someone who looks local, someone who looks like a traveler, anyone in earshot, etc.), etc. If you're curious about anything, this could be a good time to inquire.

If you make a skill roll, please use our regular die roller link and put the skill and roll in the subject line of your comment.

Edit: Okay, at three hours to go until game time I'm going to be taking a little nap, so we'll be suspending this for now.
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In This Scene: Optima, Toben, and Gallifreya.

The Situation: Toben and Gallifreya, the most skilled arcanists in the group, have elected to stay behind and try to seal the rift to that the dimensional marauder widened, and Optima has elected to stay behind and guard them in case things go horribly wrong.

Toben has realized that the rift leads to the Elemental Chaos and has intuited that his own connection to the elements of storm could possibly be leveraged to manipulate the edges of the rift. Gallifreya has determined that her own extradimensional status does not exacerbate the rift in the same way that the presence of the green crystals did.

Now What? You can make Arcana (or other skill) checks using our standard die roller link. Please include your skill and roll in the subject line. Each roll should either be tied to a theory/question or an action, not just "I roll a 17 Arcana, what does that get me?" If your post contains a roll, please wait for a DM response before continuing... if it's just character interaction/speech, you can go back and forth without a referee. Side conversations can continue while "action" is on hold.

This is like a skill challenge, in that you'll need multiple successes or failures to bring the situation to a conclusion, but you can't "beat it" with just skill rolls, you need to figure out what needs to be done using the theorizing rule and then do it. If you're not clear about how to do that, think about the game Twenty Questions: you start with something general and pare it down to more specific. Also think about any TV show you've watched were wizards or scientists (same thing, in most TV shows) have started spouting off wild theories/oversimplified analogies to save the day. While I do in fact have specific solutions worked out, the purpose of this exercise isn't to read my mind, it's for Toben and Gallifreya to show off their arcane learnings and save the day... don't sit there wondering if what you're guessing is "right", the important thing is that it sounds like it makes sense/could work.

(Again, see just about any TV show, ever.)

If things aren't resolved by Thursday, we'll just pick things up where they are.

Good luck!

Edit: Okay, at three hours to go until game time I'm going to be taking a little nap, so we'll be suspending this for now.

Game on!

Aug. 12th, 2010 05:25 pm
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Okay, folks, tonight's session is saved. We won't be going past the scheduled end time if we can help it, though... I'm just not going to have the energy for it.
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I have a stress headache and a tentative/temporary solution to my internet problem. At this point it's safe to assume that I will be able to run the game tomorrow night, but just so no one's left guessing I'll post something late tomorrow afternoon/early tomorrow evening to confirm the game's on. If I don't post something, it means I can't get online.
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Okay, I had planned on posting the transcript first, but the room where my desktop computer is located is too hot for me to be hanging out in during sunlit hours today so I'm doing this one first.

This is the character rewards wishlist post for the Inn Campaign. I'm tagging this "player action required" because it's semi-important, but it is actually optional... nobody has to post here, and there's no deadline. Feel free to come back and add comments to this post later, as ideas occur to you, as your character levels/evolves, etc. While I'm not going to be giving out level-inappropriate rewards, you can put ideas for higher level items on here... if you don't have any particular preference for the here and now but there's something you know you'll want later, you can list it now.

For those without much 4E experience/; wishlists are a time-saving and player-pleasing tool for DMs. If there are particular magic items that you feel would suit your character (either in the sense of "If I just had a +1 to x, I could do y." sense or an "I think I'd look really cool with a Halberd of Looking Really Cool."), drop a comment to let me know. You can be as specific (an actual named item that has defined stats) or general ("A magic axe.","Something that will make me hit better.","Something to make my Invoker more Invokery.", etc.) as you care to be.

Alternate rewards are also possible if you'd rather not rely on magical gear, or you're attached to your character's current gear. This campaign is going to have plenty of opportunities for exposure to otherworldly energy, so I'm planning on using spontaneous enchantment of existing stuff as an alternative to always finding magic items, anyway. If you'd prefer to go that route, or have the idea that one of your character's items is already "special" and just needs to be unlocked/mastered, please let me know so I can work it into the story.

I'm also open to using boons and grandmaster training, but see the caveat below.


I'll take wishlist items on board as suggestions, but this isn't a shopping list. The mere fact that you've added a level-appropriate item to this post does not mean it's going to turn up under a rock next session. In some cases I may have things you list here show up as an incentive to complete a challenge rather than having it drop into the game as a reward after you've done so.

I can't think of anything except unique items (item sets, the "Legend of Drizzt" icons that they put in Dragon, etc.) that I'd veto outright, though.

On the subject of "unique", please don't pitch a specific custom item or boon/training at me. I will say no, and I'll feel bad about saying no, and because I said "please don't", I'll blame you for it. :P This is a large group. My level of personal familiarity within the group varies wildly, as it includes people I love, people I know, people I respect, and people I barely even know. This makes approving/disapproving other people's homebrewed stuff really awkward, so I'm just saying no outright.

I know there isn't a list of boons and grandmaster training types like there is for magic items, so while the "no homebrew" rule applies, what it really means is that you're leaving things up to me. If you'd rather have your character receive special training than special gear, say so, and feel free to specify the type/area of training. Just please don't write up specific powers you'd like to have, because again, I'll have to say no. If you're open to the idea of being given custom boons/training that I feel fits your character, please say so as well. Because boons and grandmaster training are custom and we might have different ideas of what is level/character appropriate, I'm not going to give these out to anybody who doesn't explicitly signal that they'd be open to it... I'll stick to magic items in that case, since we have an impartial ruling on those.

Entirely unconventional rewards that don't fit the item/boon/training model will also be considered, but please don't try to use that as an end-run around the "no homebrew" thing. "How about if my character gains the ability to _______" is basically asking for a boon without calling it one.


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